Thursday, July 5, 2012

Take a deep breath

Happy July!!  It's one of those strange things for me as a teacher.  I love July - I got married in this month, the 4th of July celebrations and fireworks, the patriotism - can't help it, I love July!!  However, it marks the halfway point of summer - time to start getting things ready for school, visit my classroom, go to meetings, straighten, plan, organize, which then leads to organizing at home and by the time I realize it - July is GONE!!  School starts early in Tennessee.  I think we are officially starting by the 10th of August (which always make me want year-round school.  I mean, we're practically there anyway....I digress).  School-wide meetings start the first week of August (of course, they're mandatory) HO-HUM!!  Although, there are those RARE occasions when the speaker actually is relevant to my teaching area (YIPPEE).  I have to admit that I am kind of looking forward to school.  (I know, weird, huh?)  It's all because of PINTREST!!  There are some really remarkable things out there.  I've seen some ideas that have improved things that I was already doing, ways to incorporate more things into my lessons.  I teach in a small, rural county.  There aren't many music teachers, so a music inservice doesn't happen.  I'm just there, doing the best I can, hoping that what I do makes a difference. 

Well, until August arrives, I should stay in July.  This summer has been a great time of relaxing (or is it just laziness???)  I had spinal surgery at the end of May, so I've been quite limited on what I can do.  My kiddos have been so sweet - but it can get frustrating.  There's been no driving, no lifting, often too much sleeping and a crazy schedule of my day.  I know I'm healing, I know I'm a walking miracle, but I feel impatient sometimes.  Hopefully, I can reverse my thinking and organize my home before my classroom.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll get it all done.

I plan what I want to do each day - in between naps, but this body doesn't always agree with the schedule.  So, I just need to take it a day at a time.  Today - laundry, dishes and pantry organization are on the agenda.  Who knows?  I might even get to tackle the bathroom. 

I am blessed, I am forgiven, I am redeemed.  I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister.  I have a job that I enjoy, friends that I love and care for (and they love me back).  What more do I need?  God is good, His favor is on me, I'm just a great big blessed mess and so grateful for it.

Here's to meeting today's goals!!