Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas

Goodness, how time flies!!! Here it is, almost Christmas, and  I'm still trying to get everything decorated.  School is almost out for Christmas Break (only 2.5 more days!!!), but my house is not the least bit ready for Christmas.  Looks like Friday will be a BUSY day.  I hope to at least get the tree up this weekend.  It makes me feel bad that I don't have the stuff up - I mean I realize that Christmas isn't about the tree and decorations - it's what comes from the heart.  God gave us the best gift over 2,000 years ago (and some people are still trying to outgive that one, go figure).  I enjoy Christmas, but as a musician, it's probably the most hectic time of year for me.  I will be completing my last concert this evening.  I can't tell you the HUGE sense of relief that is looming LARGE at 6 p.m.  Sure there are parties and such to prepare for, but the performance aspects make me lose sleep at night.  I surely do not stress over the quality of my party food.  However, disappointment from parents if the programs don't go as well as they should is not something I look forward to seeing and nightmares of countless musical mishaps (which never happen) keep me up much too long during the night.
Well, here's to the best holiday season ever - Christmas!!! I wish you the merriest of days.  Remember who we celebrate.  It's all worth it.